Silverwood Advisors Pte Ltd

Silverwood Advisors Pte Ltd acts as a sourcing agency for discontinued or hard-to-find electronic components. We are not an authorized distributor of the respective manufacturers, however, we have an extensive network of distributors and manufacturers and are on-site in Asia with – Boots on the ground. We are a specialized service provider with a wide network of suppliers and therefore able to source even hard-to-find components quickly and efficiently.

The advantage of working with a specialized company like Silverwood is that the procurement process can be optimized. Professional service providers know their way around this area and can help save time and costs through their experience. By working closely with customers, individual solutions can be found for the procurement of hard-to-get electronic components.

Silverwood has extensive experience in the procurement of electronic components and can therefore react quickly even when delivery times are tight.

Silverwood’s service often includes checking the quality and authenticity of the supplied components. This is particularly important, as counterfeit or low-quality components can pose a significant risk to the safety and functionality of electronic devices. By working with a specialized provider like Silverwood Advisors, companies can thus ensure that they receive only high-quality and genuine components.

It is important to emphasize that our pricing is not based on price gouging. Instead, the final unit price we offer reflects a range of costs and fees incurred as part of our services.

In detail, the final price per piece includes the following items:

  • Product sourcing/procurement fee (10% to 20%)
  • Acquisition costs
  • Bank charges
  • Currency costs
  • Storage costs
  • Costs for test agencies
  • Shipping costs
  • Transport insurance costs
  • Costs for export certificates
  • Repackaging costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Expenses


These costs are incurred as part of our extensive efforts to source the best possible products for you. We strive to provide full transparency in our pricing and offer a fair price for our services. All of these costs are combined into one all-inclusive net final price per item.